Here is this week’s 6-on-Saturday.  Six things in my garden today.  If you want to join in and share 6 things from your garden then here is to how to participate It’s fun, you see interesting things in other people’s gardens and lovely 6ers chat and comment on your pics.

IMG_03791. This is geranium cinereum ‘Ballerina’.  One of 8 hardy geraniums that have gone into the border today.  They all came from Hoo House Nursery near Tewkesbury (what a brilliant place it is too) and include: Geranium himlayense ‘Derrick Cook’, geranium koreanum, geranium magnificum ‘Rosemoor’ and ‘Nimbus’, geranium phaeum “Lily Lovell’, geranium psilostemon, geranium pyrenaicum ‘Bill Wallis’.  You can never have enough hardy geraniums.

IMG_03782. We dug out our compost heap in the week so now have lots of lovely, dark brown, crumbly, moist stuff to get the plants off to a good start.  All the above were backfilled in their planting holes with it.  It’s full of worms and creepy things and smells like the good earth.  You can never have enough home-made compost.




IMG_03773.  This is apple blossom.  On a three year old tree that we bought at Malvern Spring Show on Thursday.  It’s a dessert apple called ‘Red Windsor’ and I am hoping to be picking the first few in September.  Apparently it’s a really easy apple to grow, unfussy, self-fertile and a heavy cropper.  Perfect for a novice fruit grower like me!  From Shaun D’Arcy-Burt, (Mr D’Arcy’s Heritage Fruit Trees) who sadly doesn’t appear to have a website.  But his young fruit trees are beautiful quality, if the ones he had at the show are anything to go by.  I bought an apricot too, and the quince came from him last year.


img_0381.jpg4.  These secateurs were a bargain – again from Malvern Spring Show.  £10 for both of them.  They’re Spear and Jackson and so should be OK for a while.  My old ones have finally given up the ghost after 20 years of cutting stuff that really needs a saw or the loppers.  And regular sharpening, tightening, and oiling, of course.






IMG_03805.  Hibiscus.  This is Mr OG’s favourite shrub.  He loves it with a passion.  It irritates me to death.  It is the slowest shrub in the whole wide world to get going in spring.  It takes forever to put its leaves out, by which time I am thoroughly bored with it.  I think its ‘Blue Bird’.  You can definitely have too many of these – one is too many.




IMG_03826.  Baby cucumbers!  These are showing already, before I’ve even had chance to put this plant into its final growing place.  I love cucumber in soft drinks, in gin, on bread and butter, and pickled with very thin slices of onion (recipe here).  You can never have enough baby cues.




That’s my 6 for today.  I hope you’re loving your garden as much as I love mine!

The Optimistic Gardener