Here is this week’s 6-on-Saturday.  Six things in my garden today.  If you want to join in and share 6 things from your garden then here is to how to participate It’s fun, you see interesting things in other people’s gardens and lovely 6ers chat and comment on your pics.

IMG_0403This morning’s view from the summer-house.  It’s my antidote to Royal Wedding fever.  The Whitebeam treee you can see has been in five years (I think) and is doing well at screening our neighbours.  So well that we had to have the top taken off this year and the crown thinned a bit.  Just to the left of it is an old Elaeagnus that I’m trying to train into a sort of pillar.  Just this way up the border you can see that the runner beans are in.  Started in toilet roll centres they grew magnificently and are already twining their way widdershins around the poles.  It’s a pity I forgot to move the weed tub and the tub of Blood Fish and Bone by the shed before I took the photograph.  And I really should paint my toenails.

IMG_0400Here’s a little alpine trough that MrOG planted up this week.  It has Saxifraga ‘Pixie Rose’  ‘Buttercream’ and ‘White Pixie’,  small fern Leptinella ‘Platt’s Black’, a Phlox ‘Zwergenteppich’, Muscari ‘Blue Spike (gone over now), Tulipa ‘Honky Tonk’ (also gone over) and that lovely blue is Lithodora, which sounds like somebody out of Harry Potter. It’s doing well in full sun.  I am slowly coming round to alpines, I think next year we will have more.

IMG_0397Ah, Geum.  I love them.  We have a few and this is from the ‘Cocktail’ collection – it’s called ‘Cosmopolitan’.  A lovely delicate peachy, apricot colour with double flowers that look almost papery.   It’s a compact grower and is looking good at the moment.

IMG_0396I can’t resist showing you the poppies again.  This clump is absolutely full of flowers and bud.  I’ve had to stake it a little because they do flop so, but for me, these just say English Country Garden.  I shall split this clump I think, later in the year, and try to spread them through the garden.  ‘Princess Victoria Louise’.

IMG_0394Another hardy geranium waiting to be planted, this is a dwarf geranium with browny purple leaves and this adorable little pink flower.  It makes  a low mat at the front of the border and is tolerant of soil type and position although I think it prefers the sun to partial shade.  I’m hoping it’s going to be a fast grower.  It’s ‘Orkney Cherry’.

IMG_0393And last but not least is a hosta, variety unknown, that I split from a potted plant last year and is now growing away beautifully in the shade border.  It gets the sun very early in the morning (which is when the photo was taken) and then is in deep shade for the rest of the day.   If any of you more experienced 6ers can identify it for me, I’d be very grateful.

It really is the most beautiful day here.  Who could want for more?

The Optimistic Gardener