6 – on – Saturday 2.06.18

Six things in my garden today.  If you want to join in and share 6 things from your garden then here is to how to participate https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/18/six-on-saturday-a-participant-guide/ It’s fun, you see interesting things in other people’s gardens and lovely 6ers chat and comment on your pics.

June already.  So many plants, so little time.  Lovely in the garden this morning, just still fresh, light breeze, sunshine.  Fresh fruit salad for breakfast – bliss.  And quiet before the neighbours are around.  Anyhow, here are my six for this week.

  1. IMG_04401. This is the common cranesbill.  A happy accident that appeared in the garden last year and that we just left alone to do its thing.  And here it is climbing its way through a white hydrangea (which is a bit late flowering this year).  Yes, it’s straggly but the colour is beautiful and if I chop it down after its first flowering it will give another flush later in the season.



2.  This is the shady border. North facing, in the dense shade of the house for most of the day, it gets this early morning sun until about 10.30am.

IMG_0437The far end is very damp and cold, but Astilbe and Hosta and Tiarella grow there pretty well.  At this end are more Hosta, what I hope will be a very tolerant Hebe and a lovely white dicentra (Lamprocapnos spectabilis).  There are more Hosta to go in, they’re testing out the position in their pots at the front of the border.  They are ‘June’ (of course), ‘Parky’s Pride’ and a ‘Halcyon’.  The latter gets quite big so will go a bit further back.  I tried Ajuga for ground cover but it hated being waterlogged and died.  I am replacing it with candelabra Primula which were cheap at the garden centre because they’d finished flowering.





3.  As you know, I love an oriental poppy and “Beauty of Livermere’ has put in an appearance this week.   I am very pleased to see her.  She’s not quite as robust as the salmon pink ‘Princess Victoria Louise’ that I have shown you before, but she’s just as lovely and, I think, a little more dignified.



IMG_04424.  I have been picking these mini-cucumber all week.   They grow really fast and are prolific, just one plant gives us masses and they taste so much nicer than shop bought ones.   We are becoming connoisseurs of the cucumber sandwich, trying various breads to find the best combination.  MrOG prefers a thin-sliced, soft white with salted butter, I prefer a seeded granary with a hint of Marmite.  Next year I shall grow more.




IMG_04435.  Remember the ‘Morello’ cherry that gave us just one fruit last year?  Well after putting on plenty of growth this year and having masses of cherry fruitlets, something has stripped the branches bare of leaf – except for the very ends – and taken some fruit, but has kindly left us a few.  I can’t see any caterpillar pests or sawfly or anything, and I suspect it may be sparrows taking the leaves in the early morning.  Unless any of you know more and can tell me what it might be so that I can steps to prevent it next year.



IMG_04446.  And last but by no means least, the Zantedeschia is still flowering away after at least 6 weeks.  These are probably its last few flowers but it has been magnificent.  Tightly potted and standing in a saucer of water it has been very successful with no fewer than four of those wonderful white bracts at any one time.  I hope I can keep it over winter.  I suspect it will need to go into the greenhouse and then into a slightly bigger pot next spring.  We shall see.


So, that’s it for this week.  Next week, I suspect it may be roses all the way.   What are you all up to?

The Optimistic Gardener

5 thoughts on “6 – on – Saturday 2.06.18”

  1. Developing cherries are often taken by rodents like squirrels or rats, or opossums. They should not eat the foliage though. Animals that eat the foliage do not typically eat the fruit. There may be more than one animal eating on the cherry tree.

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