Six things in my garden today.  If you want to join in and share 6 things from your garden then here is to how to participate It’s fun, you see interesting things in other people’s gardens and lovely 6ers chat and comment on your pics.

Hello there.  It’s quite a while since I posted on this blog but I’ve been reading all yours every Saturday.  A bout of anxiety and depression (a recurring cycle for me, so reasonably well-managed) had me lethargic, unmotivated and fatigued for a few months.  However, the sight of the sun and a bit of warmth has had me venturing in to the garden over the past couple of weeks and I feel all the better for it.  So, here’s my six for this week and I hope I can soon get back into the weekly habit.

  1. You will remember last year I was inundated with self-sown verbena bonariensis? Lovely they may have been in late summer but over winter they have been a horrible tangled mess and have overgrown everything.  This week I have started the removal process – they’re not difficult to get up being shallow rooted, but there was a lot of ’em.  I can see clear ground though now and that is very pleasing.  I have also uncovered the perennials that are starting to do their thing for this year – Geum, Hosta (how very annoying, my auto spellcheck keeps making that Costa…..), hardy geranium, candelabra Primula and a lovely big rosette of London Pride.  Ignore the fennel – that’s got to go.img_0755.jpg
  2. By the tiny wildlife pond the ferns are starting to put up some fresh greenery and the snowdrops I put in last spring came up.  Sadly I saw not a single flower as on close inspection they have all been nibbled off.  Such is gardening life.  The bluebell leaves are up though, and there is a random white hellebore that appears behind the summer-house. I haven’t the heart to move it, it seems to love it there.  The Pulmonaria are showing and there is even a flower or two – I love their blues and purples so early in the season.  A bit messy later on – mine get mildew terribly – but a treat at this time of the year. IMG_0754
  3. I’m pleased to see these Camassia coming up.  I bought them from Margery Fish’s garden Lambrook Manor last year; they will have tall blue spikes of flower later on and will remind me of the visit to the gardens.  If you’ve never been and you are in the area (Somerset) do go and look.  It’s a delightful garden – not huge but full of lovely stuff and a little nursery where you can snap things up that you like. img_0759.jpg
  4. On the same visit I also bought this little arum italica which looked very feeble and died down quickly.  I thought it was a gonner, but no,  here it is, not what I’d call robust, but looking better than last year.  I am hoping it will spread and fill this corner underneath rosa ‘Felicité et Perpetue’ which will be rampant in a couple of months. IMG_0756
  5. Hydrangea petiolaris.  It beginning to cover this brick wall really well, and true to form needs no tying in or fixing.  It’s going into its third year and I am hoping for a flower or two this season. IMG_0760
  6. And last but rather lovely is the Photinia tree against the sky. We cut it back pretty severely last year and it responded by going into a sulk.  Now it’s putting on a mass of flowers and the new red leaves are on their way.  It’s good value in a small garden if you can get it tree-shaped, but it does drop leaves nearly all year round.  A small price to pay for its cheerfulness. IMG_0758So, there they are. Six on this Saturday. Enjoy the garden.

The O.G.