Good morning everyone.  A little cooler here in south Wales this morning with overcast skies.  It’s bright though, and there will be more warm sunshine by lunchtime.  I seem to be getting into a once a month rhythm with the blog at the moment.  We are moving house (I hope shortly, but I don’t like to talk about it for fear of it all going t*ts up) so I am in that bewildered state of looking for stuff that has possibly already been packed and dreaming about logistics disasters, but handily am able to make up a flat cardboard box at Olympic speeds.  The garden is a saviour under these circumstances even though it is being a little neglected.  I have missed growing my own veg this season and am certainly regretting  not keeping on top of the weeding.  Anyhow, here is my six for this week. Soon we will all have a new garden to talk about!


  1. Remember the 15 cherry harvest from last time? Well here it is safely captured in good brandy.  I have resisted opening them for two weeks, but it has been a near thing once or twice.  Hoping to keep them until Christmas to plop into glasses of champagne.


2. This is Rosa Mundi with hardy geranium ‘Red Admiral’ growing through it.  Isn’t it a lovely combination?  I’d like to say I planned it carefully but it was pretty much accidental.  The Rosa Mundi is almost over but this is definitely a pairing for the new garden.


3.  These lilies have been stupendous.  I don’t know what they are called – I think I ordered them from the back of the Radio Times or something.  They’re supposed to be six feet tall but they’re maybe four.  The flowers have been huge and intoxicatingly scented.  In the evening it drifts all across the garden and into the house.  And only one lily beetle seen and dealt with.


4.  This is Persicaria.  Not sure of it’s name, we have this red one and a slightly coarser pink one. The bees, wasps and hover flies love it.  It also attracts lots of hens  (hens?? Damn you autocorrect!)  honeybees which is thrilling to see as not much else seems to.  I’ve been counting butterflies for the annual big butterfly count too.  We don’t get so many as we used to, but bothering to count them means I notice them more.  That thick green stem poking through is a rogue fennel.


5.  This funky little chap is the caterpillar of the Vapourer moth. The moth itself is rather dowdy and boring, but this adolescent makes up for it.  They don’t seem to do much harm so I leave well alone.  It’s good to see insect lifecycles going on in the garden.


6.  And last is this weed that comes up all over our lawn (well, as you can see, it’s not really a lawn, more a collection of rough grasses and weeds).  It’s not the best of pictures but I think it is ground ivy.  If any one can formally identify it for me, that would be great! It’s a lovely deep purple and the flowers are held about one or two inches above the ground.  Again, the bees adore it so we need to be careful where we step!

Those are mine for this week.  If it’s another month before I blog again, there will be fresh fields and pastures new to photograph!

June. The O. G.

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