6 – on – Saturday 24.01.20

I haven’t managed a 6 – on -Saturday for over a month, but this week I have been very disciplined, going out and taking pics on several days.  There’s a bit of garden upheaval at the moment as we have started the renovation project, but there is still plenty to see amongst the mayhem.


Always good to see signs of Spring – here are the first daffodils starting to bud.  There are quite a few clumps around the garden and they will be very bright and cheerful when they flower.  When you take on a new garden it’s always worth waiting to see what comes up before you do too much work.  This clump has some exploratory tendrils of jasmine clambering over it.  How come I didn’t notice that when I was taking the pic?


I know that you think this is Bergenia, or Elephant’s Ears, but thanks to Tony Tomeo last week I am now calling it Pigsqueak.  We have quite a large bed of Pigsqueak which has flowered on and off throughout the winter, and is just waiting for things to warm up a little before it really flowers away.


This is Amelanchia, I think lamarkii.  Heaven only knows why it’s been coppiced like this in the past, but it has had a fairly drastic pruning this week and if it does okay then next year we will thin some of those poles out.


I do like a Euphorbia.  I don’t know what variety this is, but it has seeded all over the garden.  Lots of it will come out, but I like the freshness of this early growth so this clump will be staying.

The first camellia buds are breaking. These photos were taken during two glorious days of warm sunshine on Monday and Tuesday.  The flowers are not quite out but the buds are fat and pink and won’t be long now.  The open bloom on the right is a picture of a camellia I snapped in our local town gardens.  I am hoping ours might be like this rather than a plain pink.  Again, I have no idea of the variety – neither mine nor the one in the gardens.


And finally, we have lots of primroses up (well, we are in Devon and it is the county flower) but most of them are nibbled by slugs and snails, as this one is.  Always a delight to see them so early in the year though, nibbled or not!

That’s my 6, hope you enjoyed seeing them. Readers who are new to 6 – on – Saturday can join in easily – If you want to get a glimpse of lovely gardens from across the world, and chat to lots of lovely gardeners, then go here https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/18/six-on-saturday-a-participant-guide/  and join in!!

The O.G.

9 thoughts on “6 – on – Saturday 24.01.20”

  1. Your plants are way ahead of mine – but I’m way further north, so I suppose I can’t expect miracles. 🙂

    Like you, I love Euphobias, but one of the jobs for a dry day soon is to start digging a few of them up, I’ve told them in the past that they must self-seed where I want them to but I guess that’s just not going to happen. 😀

    Your Amelanchia looks as though it’s been there a long time – it must be stunning in spring.


  2. Goodness, your first Six on Saturday in a month, and I did not even see it until a moth later. Sorry I missed it. Pigsqueak sounds funnier when someone else says it, by the way.


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