6 – on – Saturday 27.06.20

Hot, hot, hot. I’m not complaining, but it does keep me indoors if it gets much above 23 or 24 degrees. As always, we’ve been enjoying the garden, digging after the heavy rain of a week or so ago means we now have a better flower bed and have made inroads into the permanent veg bed at the back. The veg are loving it in the front garden, but we feel the need to keep it scrupulously tidy. It’s like a Britain’s garden! (Those of you of more mature years will remember what a Britain’s garden is, and maybe their farm, and their zoo…). Any way, on with the 6:

First up, above. Good old Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’. It’s huge and is just coming into flower. It’s in a good spot in the herbaceous bed and so it will stay there. I might thin it out a bit.

Second, and quite exciting, is this Acanthus flower. I’ve been hoping it would flower and here it is, with a second spike just out of the picture. This show of floriferousness (is that a word?) has saved its bacon. Without a flower I would be digging it out in the autumn, as it is I shall leave this to be stately at the back of the border, and dig out the two or three others that have spread from it. There’s a lot of Solidago behind it – that will be allowed to flower this year and then rrrripppp – it’s coming out. There’s masses of it, as you can see.

Three is this very bright Penstemon. I have no idea what it’s called. It was very overgrown when we arrived last August and earlier this year I cut it down to the ground and removed a horrible hypericum that was growing all over it. It’s the only Penstemon in the garden, and I must get some more. Something a little less….brash.

Phygelius capensis. It’s lovely now and through til July/August time. Those scarlet bells have a custard yellow edge on the interior – you can only see it if you turn the flowers up to look. I wasn’t sure how to deal with it this year, but now I know to cut it down to the ground in February/March time. It’s a bit straggly so I’m hoping it will bush itself up a bit if I prune it and give it a good feed in due course.

I love this stuff. It pops up all over the lawn after a spell of rain. It’s called ‘self-heal’ (Prunella vulgaris). You can eat it in salad or make tea with it. Apparently its good for upset stomachs and mouth ulcers. That’s not a recommendation, by the way.

Last are these lovely bright geraniums. I can’t resist them when I go to the nursery. We have a little sun trap at the front of the house and I’m trying to make it look like a mediterranean terrace. These are part of the first stage. They’re in a group of pots with yucca and cordyline. In the sun they are a joyful sight.

That’s my 6 for this week. If you enjoy my 6 on Saturday you might like my wildlife/countryside blog too.  It’s accessible from the Core Edge Journal tab at the top of the blog.  Also on the In the Garden tab the June overview of the garden will be posted after the weekend, so take a look there too.

Readers who are new to 6 – on – Saturday can join in easily – If you want to get a glimpse of lovely gardens from across the world, and chat to lots of lovely gardeners, then go here https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/18/six-on-saturday-a-participant-guide/  and join in!

8 thoughts on “6 – on – Saturday 27.06.20”

  1. The Phygelius capensis is so pretty! I might have to try it. I read it may be hardy to zone 7, and I’m 8b. I have volunteer self-heal from last year. It came up in three different beds, but I corralled it and it’s in one now. I only identified it a few weeks ago, when it flowered. I love it.

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    1. Me too. It’s so cheerful, especially when the grass is drying out in the heat. The Phygelius overwinters here in the garden, but we are quite mild, just about 9a because we are on the coast and we are quite windy. It’s surrounded by other plants in a quite scruffy poor soil border. Give it a go!


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