6 – on – Saturday 26.09.20

Hello, it’s the Stranger here. My 6 on Saturday posts have become a bit hit and miss because of my other posts taking over…. but I promised myself I would do a 6 this week and so here it is, very nearly 6 on Sunday!

I’m not at all sure what this is, but I think some kind of cultivated meadowsweet – Filipendula? Or maybe some rampant weed that will take over the garden with the rest of them. I quite like it’s soft dusty pink flowers and it stands up well, not a flopper.

Is this ‘Ricky’? Or ‘Mrs Popple’? Again I’ve no idea. It’s one of the hazards of the inherited garden, not knowing what variety anything is, unless it’s screamingly obvious. This fuchsia is growing around the base of the cherry tree, coming up through the paving and generally behaving like a thug. I like it though, so I will do my best to keep it more controlled. Like as not, the fuchsia gall mite will get it before I do.

Third up is this rather fragile rose. It’s a beauty, but again, unknown to me. It looks rather lovely with those raindrops on it, and I particularly like the sort of watery colours melting together, like a watercolour in the rain.

For those who like that sort of thing, here are some Naked Ladies. Or Belladonna Lilies. I really like them. They are an inherited surprise, but not too difficult to identify. They’re called Naked Ladies because those lovely pink blooms appear at the top of bare purple stems, not a leaf to be seen.

And now the Nerines. Just flowering, they are quite a picture in the front garden at the moment. I never used to like them, funny, spidery things, but now I think they’re rather special. They’re not that easy to grow, and we have loads and loads of them. Inherited, of course, no skill involved.

Last is something that isn’t actually in my garden, but I wish it was. It’s a Japanese Cherry – Prunus serrula – and it has this beautiful bark. I’m on the look out for one for next year. Our existing cherry is old and probably not long for this world. Serrula would be a wonderful replacement.

So there they are. Five things from the garden today and one that I wish was in the garden. Don’t forget to check out this week’s Core Edge Journal from the menu across the top. Thanks.

Readers who are new to 6 – on – Saturday can join in easily – If you want to get a glimpse of lovely gardens from across the world, and chat to lots of lovely gardeners, then go here https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/18/six-on-saturday-a-participant-guide/  and join in!

As always – stay safe, wear a mask, keep your distance, wash your hands.

9 thoughts on “6 – on – Saturday 26.09.20”

  1. That IS beautiful bark! My mother had naked ladies, I never liked them, but they smelled nice. I’m glad to see we call the same plant naked ladies, I’ve seen others called that and think, “That is NOT a naked lady!” Amaryllis Belladonna

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