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I write about my garden. What’s in it, what the plans are, what we’re doing. I’m not a professional gardener, but I am interested and I do enjoy working on it and being in it.

I try to make it interesting, useful and maybe amusing.

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Also on this site (see the Menu across the top) you can find my occasional contributions to ‘6-on-Saturday‘ – 6 things from my garden on a given Saturday.  They might be plants, tools, views, creatures, anything really.  It’s part of a theme started here https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com/2018/05/05/six-on-saturday-05-05-2018/  and anyone can join in and share their garden.

I also have a category called Core Edge Journal which is where I write nature and countryside notes from my walks and time in the garden and the surrounding countryside.

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The Optimistic Gardener