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I’m planning a garden.  Well, I already have a garden, it’s just that it’s not that special.  No time, full-time work, never at home etc.  But I’ve just retired from 44 years of full-time employment and the retirement plan includes the garden.  I’m planning flowers, vegetables, somewhere to sit, somewhere to watch the visiting birds and other wildlife, and somewhere to inspire me to write about gardening, reading, local wildlife and the bits of the natural world that are around me.

This blog is about my progress with the garden and through it, my progress with a different life.  I’ll try to make it interesting, useful and maybe amusing.

I hope you enjoy it. If you do, you can follow the blog by clicking on the follow button on the left 🙂

Also on this site (see the Menu across the top) you can find my occasional contributions to ‘6-on-Saturday‘ – 6 things from my garden on a given Saturday.  They might be plants, tools, views, creatures, anything really.  It’s part of a theme started here https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com/2018/05/05/six-on-saturday-05-05-2018/  and anyone can join in and share their garden.

I also share mini-reviews of books that I am reading and enjoying. You can find these on the ‘I’m reading…’ page from the top menu above.  Usually garden related, but not always!

As of May 2018 I shall be writing about gardens/nurseries etc. that I visit and sharing those experiences too.

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