Six – on – Saturday

I can’t possibly keep showing you pictures of how horrible the garden is at the moment, so here are 6 pictures from the relaying of the patio last year. As you can see we are on a suburban modern estate, but a decent corner plot, although overlooked on all sides 😦

This was a major piece of work for us, and we spent a bit more than we had planned, but we now have a good-sized area for eating out, a lovely summer-house that has worked hard for us all through the winter – the minute the sun is out enough to warm it we are in there with tea and rugs and books – and the last picture is the view we have from the patio.  Miles better than it was, but lots of work still needed!


If you want to share your 6 – on – Saturday the link is here   Take a look and see what everyone else is up to!

10 thoughts on “Six – on – Saturday”

  1. That really lifted the area, making it seem lighter & brighter. What a wonderful spot to look forward to using again this summer.


  2. I like that I can see a corner of your garden and a beautiful border near the gazebo. The patio is really something to look forward to for when the warm weather arrives.


    1. Thanks. We’ve neglected that border a bit over the winter – it needs a good luck. That little building is a greenhouse! It’s tiny but we started very in there last year and grew tomatoes and cucumbers!

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